speaking_martinalterI’m working as Head of Technical Consulting at Communardo Software GmbH. Since I was a teenager I’m interested in infrastructure, server deployment, application management and datacenter concepts overall operating systems.

As a speaker at Office365 MeetUp Dresden, I love to share knowledge and have discussions about the new stuff in IT, specifically in Microsoft and Cloud technology.

My carrier was started as a trainee at SLUB Dresden (Sächsische Landesbibliothek — Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Dresden (SLUB)). After three years  I finished my schooling and start working to live at Communardo. The first years a was working as SysAdmin. I learned to allot of stuff about Windows SRV, Linux, SharePoint, Active Directory, Apache, Tomcat, and many other applications.

After a while, I decided to switch to customer work as a Technical Consultant with a focus at Microsoft technologies. At the same time, I  had started a management training as System Manager. 3 years and a lot of stress later I finished the training as IT-Professional System Manager.

Since October 2018 I’am a part of the management team at Communardo Software GmbH. My focus is to make the Technical Consulting better with global concepts and strategies in Azure, AWS, DevOps, and Automation over all platforms.

Find my passed exams: https://www.youracclaim.com/users/martin-alter/badges


Private part

With my wonderful girlfriend, Julia and I live together near Dresden, Germany.  We love it to hang out with friends, relax with a good Netflix series and travel to see more from the world.

Personal me, if there no internet to connect I love it listen to good music, most time Rock and Punk music ;-). To stay healthy I’am an active player for the soccer club FV-O 05. I play soccer since my 6th year on earth and there is no world where I can life without.



Full Name: Martin Alter

Birthday: 10.12.1988

Job Title: Head of Technical Consulting

Hobby: Music, Soccer