Use multiple instances of Teams on Desktop

With Microsoft Teams it is easy to switch between different environments on desktop application. The problem is if you work for many customers sometimes it is very unnerving to switch the tenants in one app. Also, you didn’t see all the new notifications just in time.

Jeremy Chapman (Director Microsoft 365) published a great possibility to open multiple Teams applications on your Windows 10 client.


Steps you need to follow

Download Microsoft Edge Browser

It is recommended to use Microsofts Edge Browser. You can download the browser directly from Microsoft. The browsers base is the open source project Chromium .

I use the browser since 6 months and I love how fast and how stable it works.


Add a new Teams App

After you succeded the installation navigate to Here you have nearly the same experience like the desktop app.

On the right site you can select your environment you would like to have as an app in your desktop.

2020-04-06 08_27_06-General (Communardo - Microsoft AT) _ Microsoft Teams and 1 more page - Work Acc

Now you can add the app and select a name:

2020-04-06 08_32_34-

2020-04-06 08_35_41-General (Communardo - Microsoft AT) _ Microsoft Teams and 1 more page - Work Acc

After you click install, the Teams App is available at your desktop

2020-04-06 08_38_40-

You can take simple settings under App info to control the privacy like access on your microphone.


I hope with this small configuration your daily business is a little more comfortable.

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