Alternative Visual Studio Enterprise account

When your company is a Microsoft Partner there is the possibility to get a Visual Studio Enterprise Subscription. In this subscription, you have a lot of benefits to start with different Microsoft services like Azure DevOps, Visual Studio Enterprise or Azure monthly credit (up to 150$).

Sometimes the account where all benefits are connected is not your account you are not working with.

With the option “alternative Account” you can map another account to use all your benefits and get all notifications and news from My-Visual Studio portal.

Set alternative account

It is very easy to set your alternative account in My-Visual Studio.

  1. open
  2. login with your partner login credentials
    1. ask your Partner Manager in the company to get an account
  3. go to subscriptions
  4. add your alternative account
    1. the account must be a Microsoft account
    2. or a company Azure AD account

2020-02-19 20_17_42-Window After you set your account you need to wait 24h until you can use all benefits with your alternative account (workaround to get the Azure credit just in time).

To check the mapping is done, you only need to login with your alternative account in Azure portal ( In subscription, you should see your Azure subscription from Visual Studio portal.

2020-02-19 20_47_32-Window

You can rename the subscription to have more overview of the different subscriptions.

2020-02-19 21_03_07-Window

Workaround to get the Azure credit just in time

Is there no time to wait, there is a workaround to get the Azure credit faster.

  • open an login with your partner account
  • go to benefits and copy the Azure “Activate” link

2020-02-19 21_50_53-Window

  • open a new private tab and login with your alternative account in Azure Portal
  • after you have signed in you can open the URL from your clipboard
  • Now you can use the subscription 🙂


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