Why I start martinalter.de Blog

A long time I think about to start a Blog, but I was not sure about the key facts why I should have a Blog and the goals of the Blog.

After a while, good evenings with a glass of wine and a lot of hard technical problems at work the idea as been more concrete. In this short post, I will make it more transparent about why I would like to write this blog and the backgrounds.

Here my three important facts:

  • give something back to the community
  • collect and support ideas from all and write about
  • to train my English skills


 Give something back to the community

I’am working for 10 years in IT. All was starting as a classic system administrator in internal IT. After that, I had a change and focused more at customer projects. All the time I was the technical part. Install the new server, create a new backup concept, troubleshoot the performance issue in Sharepoint and so on. To manage these and many other things I read a lot of Blogs, watched Youtube videos and asked other experts around the world.

I think now is the time to give something back. My goal is to share my knowledge, try new stuff and publish it and be an expert to answer questions like other people do it for me.

Collect and support ideas from all and write about

Today so many new features, tools, and products published in Cloud IT. Nobody has the time to try everything out and to be an expert on all these things. With my blog, I will support other experts to get an easy view of new stuff. After that everybody can decide if they will go deeper or not.

Here is the place to try out things with input and ideas of the community. Get a bigger overview of what’s possible and where you are interested in. So please feel free to send me your stuff you are interested in.

To train my English skills

In my opinion, my English is shit. I can communicate with people and understand all the stuff in blogs, documentations, and conferences. But most time I miss my personal flow if I speak in English or write a blog post like this. My goal is to be more stable and more in flow if I write and communicate in English. Here I wrote about my interests – technical stuff – and I hope it will be easier to come into a flow and learn more and more to be a good writer and speaker.


Enough about my short motivation and my goals. Please feel free to give some feedback and send me some cool stuff you would like to hear my opinions.

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