Pluralsight – Migrating to Office 365 SharePoint Online

Everyday I’m looking for new information and material to learn more about Office 365, Azure and Microsoft 365.

For me, Pluralsight is the perfect platform to find that kind of input and learn stuff I’m interested in. There, I can simply take a lot of technical courses to support my daily work as a Microsoft technical consultant.

This week I had the chance to see a course of Vlad Catrinescu: “Migrating to Office 365 SharePoint Online”. The required skill level of this course is intermediate. Thus, my expectations were not to learn something new starting from zero, but instead to get one or two new impulses for my daily business

course overview

The table of content is small but it’s covering the important points for a migration: analysis, selection of the migration tool and migration. The part “Migrating to SharePoint Online Using Microsoft Tool” includes demonstration parts, which are perfect in my opinion!

Powershell migration api.png

I also enjoyed the parts for “Migration API” and the Migration Pack for SharePoint. It was nice to see how we can use powershell to build a very specific migration path. In this course, Catrinescu shows that the Migration API is an option if no tool is used and if there is a use case where the SharePoint Migration Tool might not be enough. I think at the next opportunity I will play around with the Migration Tool Pack and see if this is an option in specific situations for my customers.

Negative in my point of view is that the demo for “Migrating a SharePoint List to SharePoint Online” was the same as for “Migrating a Document Library to SharePoint Online”. At this point of the course, it was a little boring though.


The course is perfect for people who want to get an overview on how to migrate in Office 365. You can find all important information, some examples and very good demos. The presentation has a clear design and the speaker is perfect for explaining technical matters. His English is easy to understand, and thus it is not hard to follow Vlad.

To sum it up: I like the course and I will recommend it to people wanting to get more insights to Migration to Office 365.

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